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Strengthen your sensor suite and the intelligence of your airspace.

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Our technology

Octa is an intelligent system for object identification, classification and tracking - primarily to identify and classify uncrewed air systems (UAS).

Using a combination of advanced statistical methods and machine learning techniques, Octa takes sensed track data (e.g. from radar) and fuses it with other sources to provide enhanced situational awareness, monitoring and early warning signs.


Analyse a large number of simultaneous target tracks, allowing for airspace monitoring and analysis at scale.

Sensor Agnostic

Analyse feeds from and provide value-added output to any sensor capable of providing target tracks.


Classify and analyse objects out to a sensor’s full detection range, in contrast with e.g. micro-Doppler radar classification, which is only possible at closer ranges.


Optimise the plug-and-play, multi-model ML architecture for different deployment scenarios, e.g. airport monitoring or to maximise performance in detecting a specific target class, such as drones.

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The system is complementary to existing sensor capabilities; it enhances and adds capabilities without the need for further investment.

Octa minimises overhead and strain on limited resources by analysing flight behaviour of targets, alerting operators only when action is required.

Our clients and partners

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About us

Dynamic Intelligence Solutions (DIS) are leading experts in the application of advanced AI and Machine Learning techniques to address emerging security and safety concerns.

Founded in 2022 as a joint venture between Urtek Holdings - the parent company of Riskaware - and Operational Solutions Limited. DIS is an energetic and dynamic company. Based in Bristol alongside its sister company Riskaware, DIS has staff across the UK.

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